We believe that a unique garden room could be available for everyone.

Using a cost effective prefabricated building system we can offer a garden studio with uncompromising design and performance that is built around you.


Choose any possible window configuration for your building…


…with any roof-style,…

Roof arrangements for Living roof house-1

…floor area and interior finish!


Have complete control over the style of your building, or leave it entirely to us – we can help you realise your dream studio.

A few taster studios to give you a nudge towards your own design

The C-type room

C-type 5 (2)

A design reflecting the modernist architectural wave of the 20th century. Its charred oak cladding is framed by high quality birch ply-wood boards tempered against the elements to last. The large double-glazed glass panels allow natural light to enter the building, providing ample light but keeping warm those inside. This type of building is perfect for those adventurous individuals who prefer a unique building in their garden.

The oak shingle room

Pitched shingle style

A spacious conservative design to give you room to create. The large windows on three sides and a full-glass sliding door allow the light to flood the interior. With its oak shingle finish and standing seam metal roof cladding this type of building is an inspiring addition to any home.


The barn style room


This modern garden studio was designed to seamlessly blend in to any country setting. Standing-seam metal cladding run down from the off-set pitched roof onto the long sides, creating a compact form. The harsh lines are softened with vertical Siberian larch cladding on the short sides, broken up by rectangle shaped windows. A full-length three-part oak sliding window ensures that no landscape is far away from this exquisite building.

The landscape room


The main feature of this building is an asymmetrical roof design covered with sedum living blanket. The living roof together with the vertical style larch cladding ensures a seamless transition between landscape and home office. The large double-glazed sliding window will allow precious natural light to fill this room, and ensures good ventilation on the occasional hot summer day.

The slate office room

The slate office

A large studio with a playful roof structure. For its size this type of design is perfect for an office, housing up to five workstations. The outer walls and the roof is tiled using natural slate, while the inner walls that create a courtyard is cladded with vertical oak boards, contributing to a relaxed work environment.